London Apartment: Top 4 Reasons For Booking Your Summer Vacation Early

Are you in the process of planning your summer holiday? Then please make sure you book and confirm at least 3 months ahead. Before you think that this is another sales pitch for Quality London Apartments, I can assure you that it is only 20% so and the rest is information to help you. So, here are 4 top reasons why you need to book early.

1. Flights
In the 1970s the pricing of flights underwent a dramatic change, unrecognisable from the previous decades. Instead of fixed prices throughout the year, the airline people applied a system called ‘revenue management’ to ensure that they can sell at the right price at the right time to the right people. To be brutally blunt, the pricing became more expensive if you booked at a very short lead, because the assumption is that you are one desperate customer, and unfortunately they were correct because you really needed a flight by this stage.
In another words, if the airlines understood the trends of travel and the demands, their prices went drastically up and down. London’s peak summer holiday time is May to September, so I can bet that flight prices for this time is rising daily as the airlines know that the later you leave your booking the more desperate you will become.

2. Hotels and other accommodation
Hotels were a lot slower when it came to using the pricing strategy of the airlines, but since the 1990s, they have created a confusing moniker aptly coined ‘Best Available rate’. This rate is a best rate which is different on a daily basis and follows the perceived demands of their customers …you, in other words. So if you wanted to stay for 3 nights you may find that on one day the pricing is £150, while the other night is £100. Why? Because one of the night is still quiet for the hotel, while the other is not. So how does this apply to me (you ask)? Once more, the historical trend for peak travel time to London is May to September for leisure holidaymakers, and hotels will be increasing the rates, even now as I write. Now in February, the prices are still reasonable, because the hoteliers want to build a base business, but you can bet your bottom dollar that within the next 2 months, the prices will have increased by at least 25%. The lesson here is to book now while it is still reasonable.

3. London serviced apartments
The serviced apartments industry, happily do not work in the same cut-throat way as the airlines or hotels. They have the same fixed rates throughout the year and do not chop and change daily. But this does not mean that rates are not negotiable or flexible. But the apartment owners also follow trends and demands and will negotiate if it is a quiet time, or if you are booking for a long stay of a month or more. Apartments are booked up early in advance throughout May to September because they are fairly priced with no hidden charges, hence my advice to book early.

4. Give yourself more time to research and plan your holiday itinerary, and save money in the process.
If you give yourself more time to research and plan your holiday, you can find more to do at a reasonable cost. For example, did you know that you can purchase a London Pass which gives you discounts on hundreds of tourist attractions and even save money on transport cost? Did you also know that many attractions also offer family tickets?

There are also many free events in London during May to September, which will keep the whole family happy for free. There is ‘trooping the colours’ in June to mark Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, or the Notting Hill Carnival during the end of August Bank Holiday. Tour de France is in London in July.

I wish you a happy holiday planning and don’t forget to book early.